Mojo Theatre aims to tackle the important and pressing issues of our time with--in the words of Peter Brook--both "lightheartedness" and "rebellion." We are a social justice theatre and commited community member that seeks to fosters a passionate dialogue about the human condition as we enter this vital transition era. Blending modern media, music, and other art forms with heightened performance styles and texts, our goal is to create a vibrant sociopolitical fusion that both entertains and challenges our audiences--and ourselves.


Founded in 2010 in San Francisco, the company began producing public readings and offering workshops. In 2012 the Mojo Theatre moved into its current space in the historic Redstone Building in the San Francisco Mission District. The company currently stages two kinds of performances, our Epic Mainstage shows (text-based) and our Thematic Cabaret series. We also teach classes and workshops in acting, playwriting, and more. Our space is available for rent and we give first priority to small companies producing new work. 

We believe it is vital to foster an ongoing discussion within our community. For that reason we intend to run most of our shows in repertory performances, updating them over time to reflect this ongoing dialogue with the audiences.  We intend to stage all three parts of our Love-gone-Wrong-at-the-End-of-the-World trilogy together shortly (war, climate change, the enemy within).

Kimberly Lester, Co-Founder, Artistic Director (Kimberly (at)

As a director, writer, and performer, Kimberly has dedicated her life to artistic pursuits. She has had the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of pieces, from classical plays and musicals to original fringe festival shows to site-specific physical theatre works. Two of her favorite parts were Jan in Mojo's "Lost Love" and Amelia Earhart in "Jealous Sky" at the Indianapolis Fringe. Kimberly has degrees in Theatre and English from the Ohio State University, through which she spent significant time studying Theatre in London. She is the former Director of Theatre Arts at Tiffin University where she directed plays and created new works with the students. For the past seven years, Kimberly has been directing and developing solo shows with Bay Area artists, who are performing their pieces across the country.


Peter Papadopoulos, Co-founder, Former Co-Artistic Director 

A producer of modern epic performances, he enjoys creating in the areas of lighting, sound, directing, producing, music, and writing. He is an award-winning playwright and his writing has been performed and published in the United States, England, Australia, and China. His texts are specifically aimed at new audiences, and these multimedia pieces are a fusion of popular culture, socio-political hotspots, and larger-than-life storytelling. An experienced teacher and coach, Peter has helped artists create original pieces that have appeared around the country. He has taught acting, playwriting, voice, and other performance courses at Indiana State University, the Greater Hartford Academy for the Performing Arts, and other programs. Peter is also a longtime performer and received his MFA in Theatre from Trinity Repertory Conservatory/Rhode Island College.



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