These are the underlying principles upon which we create our shows. Continually debated and modified, and occasionally downright rebuked.


MOJO THEATRE IS EXPANSIVE. It greets the audience in the world of known entertainment travels with them on a shared transformative journey into unknown artistic worlds.


​MOJO THEATRE IS A JUNKYARD. It is comprised of many disparate artistic and physical elements that function together to create a unique whole. No single item has standalone value but rather exists to play its part in supporting the world and central story of the play.


MOJO THEATRE IS THEATRICAL. Heightened language. Worlds of possibility. Jet planes roaring through smoky fields. Fireflies mating in the dusk. Waves on the beach and the smell of sandy coffee. Wings overhead. Orations at cliff’s edge. Raging songs of greedy lust. Dark blue silence.


MOJO THEATRE IS PROFESSIONAL. It is performed at the height of the professional craft, utilizing all of the most powerful techniques and tools available. The company members individually and collectively are continually expanding and growing their power, skill, communication, and presence.


MOJO THEATRE IS EPIC. There are no small stories, characters, or language. There are kings and besieged heroes and worlds on fire. There are runaway trains and twelve minute monologues about the last dying chance for love. There are nights without sleep and days without food and eleven years of a world forever at war.


MOJO THEATRE IS LIVE. It takes advantage of all of the strengths of live performance—inter-being with an audience, the opportunity for improvisation, the danger of risk, and fuses them with pre-set elements (video, sound, etc) in an ongoing interplay.


MOJO THEATRE IS AUTHENTIC. Nothing is snarky. Nothing is obvious. Nothing is standard. Nothing is done because that’s the way it’s always been done.


MOJO THEATRE IS SKILLED. It leads the audience across bridges into the ambiguous and the unknown—but as they cross the bridge the audience is reassured to see that this bridge has been made stable through months of thoughtful rehearsal and discussion. As they make their way into the dark of the forest the audience is set at ease by the ease of their guides—it is clear they don’t have the answers, but they do know the lay of the land, and helpful questions to ask.


MOJO THEATRE IS SAFE. The audience knows they will never be attacked in their seats, or ambushed and forcibly dragged up onto stage. No is always an acceptable answer to invited audience interaction. This leaves the audience engaged, but comfortable and open enough to freely experience the performance and let it reverberate between them and the room. No one who feels under seige experiences positive growth and change


MOJO THEATRE IS SOCIOPOLITICAL. It asks important questions and wades in deeply to investigate—with the audience close by its side. It never lectures or lauds information over its audience, but treats them as partners in inquiry. The homesless and the tech hipsters clog the streets, robots are replacing humans, digital is replacing live, and the latest could-be-useless app just raised $100 million and what does it all mean?


MOJO THEATRE HAS MOJO. It is filled with magic and light and it burns bright in the dark. It is powered by life force and it hears the distant horn and prays and lurches forward into the fray. The actors are gladiators of storytelling and the audience throws fuel on the fire and studies the flames.


MOJO THEATRE IS ARTISTIC. It utilizes and integrates all available arts forms to tell its stories including music, lights, film, dance, painting, sound, photography, acting, costume, and many others.


MOJO THEATRE IS EVOLUTIONARY. Each show is continually evolving in its rehearsal and performance states. The art form itself is forever evolving as it seeks the best tools and practices to tell its stories and resonate with its community. There are guidelines but all rules are made to be experimented with. This manifesto has been changed and updated more than a dozen times.


MOJO THEATRE IS COLLABORATIVE. It is a company-based art form where each individual works in a singularly empowered fashion in an ongoing group collaboration. The director serves as the central collaborator, mediating the discussion and serving as guardian of the storytelling concept. 


MOJO THEATRE IS EVOCATIVE. It appeals to all the senses of the soul. It brings on the rain and it smells like autumn and it imagines your mother banging around in the kitchen so many years ago. It hears strong-heeled footsteps charging along the hallway tiles and it tenses in its gut. It swims in a sea of expectancy and senses the sharks circling and shivers from the unbearable cold and yet it follows its intuition—where is the lifeboat?


MOJO THEATRE IS ATHLETIC. It is executing under pressure. Hitting your moments and targets. The company is firing together on all cylinders and carrying the audience across the field and over the goal line.


MOJO THEATRE IS PRESENT. It is happening every moment and it is happening in this room right now. “How you do the next thing is how you do everything.”


MOJO THEATRE IS PEOPLE POWERED. The shows are shaped and driven by the ongoing contributions of the company members. Each member is encouraged to contribute from their one of a kind collection of experiences, skills, and background.

© Mojo Theatre San Francisco

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