Lost Love

Returning 2016

Love Gone Wrong Trilogy

"Very funny and smart play..."​

                ~Robert Avila, San Francisco Bay Guardian

Climate change has never been so much fun!

Mitzy, a waterlogged, wedding-day bride, and Tito, her streetwise, Zenwise parking valet, argue on the mountaintop where they are stranded together after a devastating flood.


Hundreds of miles away, Barb comes home from work to find that her firebrand girlfriend, Jan, has exacted revenge on her for her cheating by selling off the entire contents of their house and then re-filling it with yard plants.

The waters are rising fast in this global warming world. Can these lost souls find their way back to love in time to save themselves and the planet?

LOST LOVE: The Final 100 Years 
                                         Climate Change Tragic Comedy

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