Post Valentine's Day Hangover Cabaret

Returning 2016


Love is in trouble and Cupid is in therapy!


Sketch comedy, dance, performance art, burlesque, music, circus performances, and more!


2014 Lineup:

  • Jon Deline as the "German Cupid". 

  • David Melendy performing tragic lost love music & clowning. 

  • Prudence Amsden in a pretty-in-pink turned nightmare dance piece.

  • Ian Levine performing original live drum act in a dance piece with--

  • Hilary Palanza of Palanza Dance. 

  • Marianna Ferris in an 80s-90s singalong heartbreak mash-up. 

  • Eric from Applestache performing original songs about love and whiskey.

  • Fresh Juice Party with sociopolitical, comical stylings on the keytar and guitar.

  • Sylphie Currin's contortion, Eat-Your-Heart-Out Dance.

  • Asian Mainstream Productions in A Love Triangle on a Bus.

  • Moose Knuckle & Gigi D'Flower in Conan the Barbarian and Red Sonja love battle.

  • Films by Tony's Circus and Daniel Tong.

  • The Mighty Mojo Heartbreakers performing sketch comedy throughout the night - Olivia Benavidez, Roy Eikleberry, Sophia LaPaglia, Kimberly Lester, and Michael Wu.

Post-Valentine's Day Hangover Cabaret 

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