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Mojo shows return over time in new configurations! (more shows posted soon)

"Penetrating humor and emotional veracity in Papadopoulos' sure,

heightened dialogue..."

​                           ~Robert Avila, San Francisco Bay Guardian


Drunken poetry.

Competitive sex.

Furniture hurling.

Two couples battle in a mountainside house as an international terror crisis looms outside.

"Very funny and smart play..."

​                           ~Robert Avila, San Francisco Bay Guardian


Global warming has never been so much fun!


Mitzy, a waterlogged, wedding-day bride is trapped on a mountaintop with Tito, a streetwise, Zen-wise parking valet after violent flooding rips through her wedding. 


Meanwhile, Barb has cheated on Jan, whose explosive grief is shaking

their house to pieces.

American Dream Cabaret: Past, Present, Future (perfect)

The revolution and evolution of the American Dream!

From our founding fathers in drag to our future in space--clowns, buffoons, comedians, sotrytellers, and house band Fresh Juice Pary takes us on a tour of this classis American story--dreamed, reimagined, critiqued, and occasionally downright celebrated. 

Love is in trouble and cupid is in therapy!

Fusion-themed-cabaret led by the Mighty Mojo Heartbreakers ensemble and including invited acts from throughout the bay area. Music, sketch comedy, burlesque, contortion, salsa, improv, dance, performance art, and more!

Returning Soon

Opera romance gone bad!

Speed dating takes a turn for the worse in this opera mashup. Like in any good opera, it gets pretty bloody out there!


Featuring top singing talent from around the Bay Area and a fun, unique format.

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