April is Fools' Month!

One full month of shananigans, the perfect cure for what ails you San Francisco!

Every weekend a different lineup of shows/acts!

April 10-11, 8pm - CLASH OF CLOWNS Clowns battle clowns, comedians battle comedians--one clown battles herself! The strangest game of "Name that Tune" you've ever played and hey, let's throw in a film about the undeniable compulsion to live life as a clown 24-hours a day. Featuring Julie Douglas and Rachel Brown, Sheila Berotti and Andrew Calabrese, Danny Dechi and Rebecca Ward, Sophia Knox-Miller, and a film by David Moutray. April 17, 8:30pm - COMEDY BURLESQUE Did you say comedy burlesque? Why, yes, we did. Because sexy should be funny! Cute animals, steamy climate change, hot sax music, and more! Featuring Moose Knuckle, Ava Lanche, Gigi D'Flower, Sango Tajima, Eva Rose, Grace Bones, and more! April 19, 7pm - FUNNY STORYTELLERS Tales of love, death, and vampires! Storytellers Sherri Rose, Elizabeth Sale, and Julie Gieseke and short comic films by Daedalus Howell & Raymond Daigle. April 24-25, 8pm - LOCKED UP A transformative feature-length clown show from Tiny & Tall. Naturally, being a clown piece, it's set in a prison. Cara McClendon and Sophia Knox-Miller. Tickets for all events:

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